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I'm not sure about you readers, but I know for me when I am shopping - jewelry is one of the last things I think about! Usually, I am so focused on outfits that it just totally slips my mind that jewelry can really make your outfit even more put together and polished. Since I usually shop at cheaper places for my clothing, I don't always want to purchase my jewelry from there because generally it tends to turn and tarnish super quickly.

I recently came across this super cool website called  For us who keep jewelry kind of on the back burner, this is a great way to receive jewelry but not have to shop for it! Rocksbox is a website that for only $21 a month, they send you three pieces of jewelry that you can either purchase or can send it back and receive three new pieces the following month. On the site, they have great name brands in jewelry, one of them includes Kate Spade! Think about this, Kate Spade for $21 a month. WHOA. Then when it comes time to purchase something, that $21 you originally were charged for the monthly rate, you actually get to use that as a credit to buy an item if you want to keep it! The quality of this jewelry is fantastic! My assumption being, due to it being a higher end brand of jewelry, it's evident the longevity of the jewelry will hold up much better than those from Forever 21 or H&M.

As soon as you get to the website you create your account. It's great because when you set up your profile, you get to add to your "wish list" which allows you to search through all the jewelry they have and pick which you'd like to receive to try and buy! Once you have received your items, you can test them out for the month and see if you like them and you have the choice to also buy the items. If you purchase the items through Rocksbox, you get a much better discount for the items you buy. Another great thing about your package, is well.. It's so pretty! You even receive a cute little note from your own personal jewelry stylist with the company that tells you what you'd received and what it is made of.

Here's the best part. I have partnered with Rocksbox and they are letting all of you readers receive your first month FREE with this code: mytayloredstylesxoxo

When you go to set up your account, it should ask you if you have any discount or coupon codes, thats when you will enter the code provided above.

So you get to try it out for a month, and see if you like it! If you do, you can just continue your membership with them, and the second month will begin the $21 debit from your account. When you set everything up, this box with be at your door in less than 3 days. Super quick, super easy, and super affordable. WIN. WIN. WIN. Seriously, try it out! You won't regret it.

Click HERE to go right to Rocksbox's home page!

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