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Do you ever just get bored with the same ole styles, but with all the different "popular" brands? Yeah, me too. I've been searching a lot on social media finding great upcoming brands, and Poppy Apparel is one of them! I was very excited to find a website that is super inexpensive, but the quality of the clothing is fantastic! Sometimes I get super nervous ordering things, especially from new brands or brands I know I need to try on before hand. With Poppy Apparel, I decided to just jump the gun and ordered just one thing and see how it would go. For starters, their shipping is free. There's no minimum purchase amount, no ground/express/etc. style shipping, its just free. When I ordered, it told me it would take 2-4 weeks to ship, and I was not very excited to hear that. Luckily, it only took a little over a week! 

Aside from the great website experience, lets talk about the clothing itself. I decided on purchasing a two-piece set. The set was 29$, plus I got the 10% off code and ended up paying 26$, which for a two piece set is an incredible price! These sets are great because you can wear them as one, or you can split the pieces and put different things with the seperates to give you different outfits/looks. Definitely the best bang for your buck! The biggest thing for me when purchasing from a new brand is quality. It's one thing to buy something that's cheaply made, and another to have a good quality for an affordable price. This brand definitely knows what quality is, and that is what will keep me coming back! I really like the rose embroidered look this season, and the quality of the embroidery is impeccable. It doesn't feel cheap, or look cheap for that matter.

Sizing is another important part of the clothing. With this brand being based in China, I figured I should size up with what I bought. With brands like Forever 21, H&M, etc. I usually wear a size small. I decided to order a medium from Poppy Apparel, and it fit perfectly! The top falls right in the perfect spot in the front, and the back is actually a tie so you can adjust how it fits around the waist. The straps are adjustable, so if you aren't very busty like me you can have it fit that area nicely. The bottoms weren't too small around the waist, and they are a bit looser fit, which i really enjoy how that looks. Here are some photos of the outfit, and how it fit on my body.

Needless to say, I am hooked. I cannot wait to order more from this brand, and I hope you guys will try them out too! They carry all sorts of things, including accessories and even bathing suits for summer! If you decide to purchase, use the code "tayloredstyles" and you can get an extra 10% off your entire purchase! I hope you all enjoyed, and have a wonderful Sunday evening! <3

xoxo, @mytayloredstyles

Here is the link to their website y'all!

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