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Hello lovelies! Long time, no writing right? Well, I'm back! I think with this recent job change, my mind has been in so many different projects and focused on working that I haven't really had down time. I'm so so so sorry! Luckily, I'm finally settled in my new/old career, and ready to get back into the game! Not to mention, I have been SO SICK. Like I mean, in bed for about 4 days; can't talk, can't breathe.. It was awful.

Okay, enough excuses.. Lets get on with it!

I am all about shoes. I think my inner Carrie Bradshaw is coming out to play, and now my shoedrobe is screaming "whooo hooo!" I'm gonna share with you guys some of my favorite spring shoe trends, and of course links to where you can get them! All shoes will be under, yes UNDER $30.00!


The mule style shoe is very popular. This style shoe I think is just so classy, but its not necessarily basic or plain jane. They're also nice because you can dress this style shoe with a lot of different looks, so you can get a lot of use out of them! I have personally went a tad bit overboard with mules, but that's because i love them so much! 

The shoe to the far left is a faux suede sandal mule. This shoe is great for jeans, dresses, or even rompers! I purchased this particular mule at Forever 21, and they were $25.00. I didn't go in store for these, I actually ordered online. I know with Forever 21 particularly, they recommend to size down half a size with this style but different brands could have different sizing. I typically wear a size 7, so I ordered a 6.5 and they fit perfectly! Forever 21 has a large variety of colors for this shoe, so if you're not into black you could also get a tan, blue, or even a mustard yellow! They has a small heel which i love. I like higher heels don't get me wrong, but with these they're small enough to feel like you're not wearing heels at all! With these, it brings a bit of dressiness to your outfit. The material of this shoe is very lovely. Although they were inexpensive, they don't FEEL that way which is important when shopping on a budget! 


Link: Style 1

The middle and right shoes are both takes on a loafer or slide shoe. I love both of these for different reasons. The middle slide is very simple, but with the way the closed toe top just cuts right at the mid of your foot, as well as the pointed toe, it creates a very abstract or minimal look to the shoe. It also has a leather style material, which keeps the shoe sleek and polished looking. I bought the pointed toe slides at Forever 21, but they no longer have these online. I will link below similar shoes that are reasonably priced! The right shoe I like because it looks just like your basic style loafer, but with no back. When I wear shoes that have backs, sometimes my feet blister up REAL BAD. The loafer slides I haven't had any issues whatsoever. The fit of both pairs are similar to flats, you want them to be fitting but obviously not too small. I bought a size 7 in style 2 and a 6.5 in style 3. It's nice to have a show that has that professional, classic look but is also a practical shoe! I have come to realize I wear this shoe with EVERYTHING, and it A. dresses up my look and B. is very classy and sophisticated. I purchased these shoes at H&M, and y'all.. they were only $15.00!!! Most brands that have these they run anywhere from $50.00-$600.00 which is insane. You can always rely on me to find the great trends for a great price. #bargainshopper



Link: Style 2
Link: Style 2
Link: Style 3


Such a statement shoe an oxford can be. Of course, when most think of an oxford they think of the 60's or my favorite, Grease. The trend is now back, with a few twists and I am very excited! From cut outs, to even platforms; you can find different twists to this classic shoe to suit anyones taste or personal style. Oxfords have a way of making an outfit look so eclectic. If you have what you may feel is a basic or "boring" outfit, these shoes can give you that spruce you need. The pair I have were actually found at Ross- Dress for Less. These are a basic fit, but have cut outs throughout the midsection of the shoe. The best part- they were only $15.00! I will link a few similar ones below for those who may not have a Ross around your location. :)



These shoes are something that can really express personality in an outfit. When you first look at these shoes you think, " um.. what in the world would I wear this with?" Believe it or not, you can wear these with a lot. Whether you are bumming it that day, or even have on a pair of trousers, these shoes can add some funk to your fit. You could even wear these at the beach instead of your usual flip flop! It's nice because there are different types of furry slides, some more modest and some very outgoing. Whether you are looking to somewhat experiment but don't want a lot of attention, or if you're ready to try it full force; you have a pair out there waiting for you! The pair I purchased are from Gabes, and they were only $7.00! This was a little out of my comfort zone when I first purchased them, and I really didn't want to pay a whole lot of money on them. When I found these I thought it was a decent price, and I absolutely love them. You can actually find a GREAT selection of these at Forever 21, and I will link those down below. On their website, they have different lengths and colors for the fur, to help with your comfortability of fur on your feet.


I really hope you all enjoyed this post! I am working on getting more things into my wardrobe, and also on some cool projects to share with you readers. Don't forget to follow my instagram @mytayloredstyles

hope you guys have a wonderful day!

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