February Tease

Normally in February, the weather here in West Virginia is cold and dry. This year it has been much different. Granted, we have had some cold days but recently it has been warming up. My immediate response to 60 degree weather is SPRING CLOTHES! Don't get me wrong, I love me some winter fashion; trench coats and turtlenecks have been on repeat this winter, but I am so ready to bring on some flowy tops and sunnies.

A friend and I decided to embrace the gorgeous weather, and take a day trip into Downtown Winchester in Virginia. There is a walking mall you can go explore, and of course eat lots of great food. They also have a few shops you can go into, but its great because it's all outside. When the weather is nice, this is definitely a spot to check out and spend your Sunday.

The Outfit of the Day

It was so nice, I had to bring out the over the shoulder flowy top. These tops became popular last year, and they're still going strong. It's nice because they can come in a solid color, but they also come in prints. This particular top actually came from Hollister, but recently I've seen a lot from Forever 21 and Zara. I also paired a light denim from PacSun with this look. The outfit is really very simple. There's not a lot of layering, or if the top wasn't printed then it would be even simpler. That's where accessories come into play.

Accessories of the Day

First, the hat. These flat billed hats are so cute, and they're a great way to add a little something extra to an outfit. I feel like it almost gives a hipster vibe when you wear these hats, and I just love it. You can find these hats just about anywhere that sells fashion hats, but the best ones I've found now are from Target and Forever 21. I also snatched these super cute round sunglasses from Forever 21 recently, and they were less than $10.00. If you're wanting to continue your outfit towards a more hipster vibe, these sunnies are definitely the way to go! 
Then theres the belt and bag. These western looking belts are still so popular, and I love it! I am not a big cowboy boot lover, or really anything too "country" looking, but this is a nice way to add almost a western look to an outfit without actually gearing your style towards that full on country look. This belt is from Forever 21, and it was also less than $10.00. My bag was a bit of a larger purchase. I have a serious thing for Kate Spade bags, and usually they have that very classy almost preppy look. This bag, however, is much more casual and its such a nice plum color. It's leather with a suede accent in the middle of the top flap, as well as on the strap and bottom of the bag. I'm very fond of textured accents on a bag. It brings some extra pizzazz to your bag without being overbearing. Then there were shoes, my favorite tan lace up flats to be exact. Such a great way to add a little flirt to an outfit. This trend is stronger than ever! I am seeing more and more people wearing this style flat, and I am seriously in love. You can wear these with pants, dresses, or skirts and they look good! 

Hope you all enjoyed!
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