Perfect pair of Levis

I never really understood what it means to have a great pair of jeans. Generally, I would buy jeans that fit, but they weren't the "perfect fit." I've read a lot of others who love Levi jeans, and also my mom was going on about how I should try them out and just see how they would fit. From her personal experience, she's found that Levi's have fit her the best out of any other jean. So, I finally broke down and tried a pair on and.... they were PERFECT! Between the waist and length, it's usually difficult to find jeans that will be the perfect fit for both, and I was so excited the waist fit and the length was spot on. These jeans are a bit pricey if you go to an actual Levi store, however you can actually find Levi's at discount places like TJMAXX, Ross, and sometimes Gabes. So if you're having trouble finding the perfect pair of jeans that truly fit, you should definitely check these out.

Now my jeans are black. I had been looking for black jeans for awhile, and finally got them. Below, I have a little how to style with these awesome jeans.

Look One

This look is for those of us who appreciate black! Most of my wardrobe contains black, and I'm always looking for new and trendy ways to style my black pieces. I have on my black jeans, and I paired my black over-the-knee boots from Target as my shoes. These boots can sometimes look a bit promiscuous if paired with say a dress of tights, so a way to modestly wear them is by putting them with jeans or other pants! The differentiation between the jean material and the suede from the boots makes it known you have on high boots, but you're still covered. To add a pop of color, I added this cowl neck sweater from Express. I love this rose-ish color, and to help break up some of the black adding a colorful top can help! Then, there's the jacket. I had been looking for the perfect black coat, and Old Navy had it! I actually purchased this right after Christmas, and it was on sale for $35! 

Look Two

This is more of an "athleisure" look. I am always sporting this type of trend. I have found a new appreciation for sneakers, so now I keep buying them. I tend to go to the Nike Factory Outlet to buy my sneakers, since they always have great deals! Sneakers are nice to have not only for workout attire, but when you're out and about it's nice to have a comfortable shoe on. For the top I decided to go with a plain, ribbed three quarter length basic and a light pink moto jacket both from Forever 21. If you wanna take it to another level, you can pair a cute ball cap! (Or if you're having a bad hair day)

Look Three

If you're looking for that cool, relaxed look but something to keep you warm this is it! Something about this look I just love. It's a bit grunge, yet still incorporating color to make it feel less dark. Keeping the same sneakers as look two, and also the basic ribbed shirt from Forever 21, I layered a red and blue checked flannel from H&M, and over it I have this tan almost military styled jacket from Ross. You could pair any flannel and any look fitting jacket, whatever you have in your closet. I think even an actual military jacket would look great with this look. At this point, that bad hair day I mentioned before was for real. So i pulled my hair up, and again the hat was worn as an accessory. 

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